Finally there it was two week ago: My World, the new album of the Swiss band Untrue. “Who? Untrue? Never heard of…” I can imagine, even in their own country Switzerland most people don’t know them. But I hope this will change after reading this review.

Yes, I have this strange hobby to visit Swiss record stores during my holidays to hear and buy new music of Swiss bands and artists. But I never, really never, found a cd of Untrue in one of those shops. Strange, because they make such great music!

My Word [Explicit]
The first recordings of Untrue date back to 1985. They still sounded as a very young 80’s-influenced band, but the foundation of the band was already there. Jürg Maag still plays the bass and keyboards and can be heard on vocals. The man with the high voice like Sting is Norbert Brasser. He’s also playing the guitars. On the latest albums drums are being played by Mike Issenger.

It was more than ten years ago when I found out about this band. I searched the internet for (legal!) mp3 music and I discovered a portal to several European bands, perfectly arranged by country. And there was this Swiss band called Untrue. They put some free downloadable songs on their website, in a time that big bands like Metallica were still fighting against a site like Napster…

Untrue understood the power of these free ‘teasers’, because after listening a couple of songs, I deciced to order – I believe – all their albums they recorded at that point. Since then I kept following them. Of course the highlight was my appearance in their videoclip We Are The 99 Percent (Don’t blink your eyes, or you’ll miss me…)

This song appears even twice on the new record My World: the first time in the ‘normal’ version, the second time in an orchestral edit. And if that’s not enough, it also comes back shortly in the song ‘If only we can trade’. Although My World is not a concept-album, it has a certain theme. On this record the instrumental parts 77.1, 77.2 and -77.2 are ‘glueing’ the other songs together. Such instrumental themes turn up on almost every Untrue album.

‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die’ is a (concious?) wink to Neil Young (Hey Hey, My My), but turns out to be a total other song. And Rock ‘n’ Roll indeed never dies on this album. Most songs are up-tempo and have a full sound. But there’s also this piano-ballad ‘The Prince’, in which the lyrics If I could, I would remind of their older song ‘If only I could’ (or am I hearing things that aren’t there…?)

On their Facebookpage Untrue call themselves – with a sense of self-irony – “das grösste Rock-Trio der Welt”. You can say that’s not true (untrue), but I think they deserve a lot more attention and airplay, not only in Switzerland, but also abroad. So let this be my contribution to that goal… Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!


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